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EMSS Safety Passport

The EMSS Safety Passport demonstrates that its holder has an audited and approved level of underpinning knowledge to encourage a risk-aware mindset and to strengthen the ability to comprehend further site-specific training, procedural instructions and safe working practices. This enables them to be employed in a varied range of locations – from low risk to high hazard environments.

By listening to recommendations from real world companies and health and safety professionals, the requirements of our scheme have evolved from the standards set by the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) into a cross-industry, multi lingual, essential minimum safety standard.

It remains the only instantly verifiable online safety passport available in the UK.


The EMSS Safety Passport card is a gateway to your online safety and training profile. Add both experience and skills to demonstrate and prove competence for instant client peace of mind.


The only safety passport system to offer instant cardholder verification with full competency auditing built-in.

For Industry

Developed by the North East SHE Partnership and distributed nationally, EMSS is a genuinely fit-for-purpose safety passport.

Instant Check

Check the validity of a passport holder online in an instant. No waiting for the awarding body to get back to you.


The fastest way to acquire a safety passport. Buy from our online partner (National Safety Passport) in the morning and you could have your emss safety passport profile live the afternoon.

Cost Effective

With the EMSS Safety Passport you do not need to book hotels, pay for restaurants or take billable time away from work.

An essential tool - but simple to use

"With an ever increasing number of safety passport schemes, we needed a system to ensure that a baseline of health and safety knowledge had been achieved by our contracting workforce. We chose emss for the simple fact that it allows existing safety passport cards to qualify for an emss safety passport and then we could check compliance online, instantly. Such a simple but essential tool for all safety conscious organisations."